Permanent Makeup

Permanent Make up is a great way to make yourself look beautiful, no matter the time, situation, or location. I offer a few different options that will fit anyones budget, or personal need. Although permanent cosmetics is great for any person, whether they have thin eyebrows, or eyelashes, or are just tired of applying make up everyday, however it is an even better option for those who have medical reasons that may benefit even more from some of these procedures. Whether it be alopecia, arthritis, trouble seeing, trichotillomania, difficulty with mobility, or changes after menopause or chemotherapy, permanent make up may be the perfect option for you. 



Designing Your Perfect Brow

"Choosing" a new brow to accentuate your facial, and eye shape, and finding a color that appropriately matches your skin tone may sound like an intimidating and daunting task, but as a trained professional I will set your mind at ease, and together we will create a perfect brow design, and will only move forward once you are totally in love with your new look. I will draw and create your brow with make up, and once the design is finalized, I will mark your skin with surgical marker to hold the design in place while the anesthetic takes its time to work. Next we remove the make-up, cleanse the area, and apply the topical Anesthetic. 


The Procedure

Once the topical anesthetic has taken affect, and you are comfortable, I will begin tattooing. Once all the skin is open, more anesthetic is applied, to maintain as comfortable of an experience as possible. 

Once the tattoo is finished, swelling may occur. Because We work with one brow and then move to the next, it is not uncommon for one eyebrow to initially swell more than the other, creating a temporary asymmetrical appearance. This is only temporary, as well as color appearing slightly darker (because the skin is open) and unlike traditional tattooing where color stays very simular, or even brightens up once peeling and healing has occured, cosmetic inks dull, and lighten upon healing. Which is why we always do our procedures in 2 sittings. It is much easier to go to darker and bolder the second visit, and staying conservative the first sitting than the other way around. Whether it be filling in a few lighter areas, or thickening up the design. It is essential to creating a natural, beautiful brow. 


Hair Stroke Brows


The most popular type of tattooed brows due to how natural the finished outcome looks. The procedure includes tattooing very thin, hair like strokes to simulate a natural eyebrow. It flows with the normal hair growth pattern you already have, and blends in whether you have no hair at all, or are just filling in your current eyebrow. 



Powderfill Brows

It is very common for women to pencil in, or fill in their natural brow with make up. Whether it be to darken a light brow, or create a more dramatic look, powderfill brows closely mimic this appearance, but without any of the fuss or time in the morning. Imagine having flawlessly filled in eyebrows without any effort! 

Powderfill brows are designed the same way hairstroke brows are, the only difference is the actual technique to apply the pigment. If you have any questions about which brow you would like, during the consultation we can discuss which better suits your look and lifestye. Even though Powderfill brows are more of a solid brow, remember it isn't a solid bold brow that looks like it is drawn with a sharpie marker. It is applied very softly and fades from a darker to lighter to create a more natural and soft feeling. Color is chosen based on your natural hair color, root color, and skin tone to ensure a flawless match. 

It is important to remember that with powderfill brows, you will not truely see the color and shape of the final product for a few days after the procedure. Due to slightly more trauma to the skin, the design can look slightly asymmetric, as well as slightly darker of a color than the healed brow. 



Without a doubt, one of the most popular permanent cosmetic procedures is upper and lower eyeliner. It is your choice whether you want both upper and lower eyeliner, or just upper, but without question, it is a great way to accentuate your eyes and natural beauty without any effort in the morning! From a thin line to give just a hint of definition behind your lashes, or dramatic thick eyeliner to set a statement it is a great addition to any face, and eye shape. 

To start the procedure, the area is properly cleansed, and marked with surgical marker to your own personal preference before we continue. Then, like eyebrow procedures, topical anesthetic is applied and we wont move forward until you are as comfortable as possible. 

And don't fret about color! Whether it be bold black, light brown, or charcoal, we will choose the perfect color and ensure that as the procedure ages it will never turn an undesirable color. And if you have gotten your eyeliner in the past, and aren't thrilled with the color, need a fresh new color boost, or want to change the overall design, you are in good hands to ensure a perfect new look!

Eyelash Enhancement

This next delicate procedure, creates an extremely natural appearance with the only change being fuller eyelashes. It will be hard for others to notice you have had any substantual work done, but others may comment that your eyes look fuller and brighter. Essentially the procedures main goal is for your eyelashes to appear thicker, and fuller naturally. Inside your eyelash line, pigment is stippled in next to your current eyelashes, for a flawless, natural, bright appearance. This is a perfect procedure for those with very fine, or blonde eyelashes, those who don't wear much make up, and want the look of wearing mascara without any of the mess. 

Hair Stroke Eyebrows, immediately after

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