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Welcome to my creatorium. Here you will find just a small mess of my art. These are my colored pencils and pen drawings, I have a pretty specific style, that definitely share my tattooing style as well. I believe in the "bold will hold" mentality when it comes to tattooing and that rings clear in my pencil drawings as well. Drawing and painting are not the only types of art I divulge in, but I do find it a postive and easy way to experiment with color styles and techniques that I can later use in my tattooing. My strong old school background, mixed with the bright colors and cartoony style of new school techniques, leaves my art in an awkward place I lovingly coined "middle school" style; just with less greasy hair, pimples, and braces. I'm constantly challenging myself, thrusting towards an everchanging, constantly bending, often confusing and mildly disturbing new style. You can buy all of these prints and pendants at etsy, click here to grab your own!

A glimpse into the mind of my Skustin Creatorium

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House of 1000 Tattoos 

643 Bound Brook Rd

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